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Cost accounting & management

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Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, these resources allow you to focus on technical, business, people, leadership, and digital skills. All areas are underpinned by the need for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Log in and start learning today.

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Alternative Costing Methods II

This CPE course examines the target costing approach which is a form of life-cycle costing and is a pro-active cost control system. It also covers the learning curve...

Course – Online Cost accounting Foundational

Traditional Costing

This CPE course examines the overall purposes of costing and why it is important for a business to determine the cost of its products or services. It defines common...

Course – Online Cost accounting Foundational

Activity-Based Costing

This CPE course examines how activity-based costing may be more useful than traditional methods of costing. It examines when activity-based costing is relevant, as...

Course – Online Cost accounting Foundational

Activity-Based Management

This CPE course explores activity-based costing approaches, such as activity-based management, direct product profitability, direct customer profitability and...

Course – Online Cost accounting Foundational

Alternative Costing Methods I

This CPE course is an in-depth examination of joint product costing, throughput accounting, and environmental costing. It also covers environmental management...

Course – Online Cost accounting Foundational

Lean Management Techniques: 10 Best Practice Checklists

This tool provides will help organisations identify and reduce waste in their processes and procedures in their organisation.

Tool Cost management Intermediate

Delivering value and accountability: how finance can help

How finance can support the implementation of the Financial Management Review (FMR).

Report Cost management Expert

Activity-based costing (ABC)

Activity-based costing is an approach to the costing and monitoring of activities. This tool discusses the process, benefits, and implementation questions.

Tool Cost accounting Foundational

Thirsty planet: Business responses to water scarcity

This report explores how water has become a constrained resource, what leading businesses are doing today to prepare for water scarcity, and the role CGMAs play.

Report Risk response & reporting Advanced

Strategic objective costing: Supporting the balanced scorecard

This report details the main findings of research and their implication for practical application of the system known as strategic objective costing.

Report Strategy Advanced


CPExpress is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online learning resource, and a great way to earn CPE. Need to brush up on a particular subject? Looking for a brief...

Course – Online,   Publication Financial accounting & reporting Foundational

5 Key Concepts of Continuous Accounting

Legacy systems and processes are out. Cloud, mobile, automation and analytics are in. With this in mind, you’ll learn the five strategies that can reduce your costs...

Video Cost management Foundational