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These learning resources are designed to enhance the competency and development of not-for-profit professionals, including staff and stakeholders of not-for-profit entities and the firm practitioners who serve them.

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7 Benefits of Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

This blog post shares seven benefits of this type of vulnerability assessment.

Article Governance Foundational

What does it mean to be transparent?

Not-for-profit organizations should follow these 7 tips to build trust and tell their story to stakeholders.

Article Governance Intermediate

Using surplus budgeting to advance and sustain your mission

Learn how a disciplined budgeting strategy can improve the financial health of your organization.

Article Planning, forecasting & budgeting Intermediate

How to Supercharge Your Not-for-Profit’s Board to Achieve Scalable Impact

This blog post provides insight into how you might galvanize staff and volunteers to lead.

Article Governance Intermediate

How not-for-profits can stay strong amid uncertainty

This article presents six points for not-for-profit leaders and board members to consider as they try to plot a steady course in turbulent times.

Article Governance Intermediate

5 Steps to Increase Effectiveness for Not-for-Profit Leaders

This blog post outlines five ways to run your not-for-profit more effectively.

Article Governance Foundational

Getting creative in fundraising

This article discusses how not-for-profits are using events, partnerships, and web tools to raise revenue.

Article Governance Foundational

How to Talk to Not-for-Profit Boards About Their Responsibilities

This blog post discusses the three basic responsibilities that apply to not-for-profit board members: the duty of obedience, duty of care and duty of loyalty.

Article Governance Foundational

3 Things You May Not Know About Not-for-Profit Board Leadership

Though board leadership is certainly a meaningful way to give back in your community, it is not without its challenges. This blog post describes some of these challenges.

Article Governance Foundational

Business practices that not-for-profits can’t afford to overlook

This article describes eight top business practices that all not-for-profits should consider implementing.

Article Governance Intermediate

Answers to 5 Common Cloud Questions for Not-for-Profits

This blog post discusses common questions related to cloud systems..

Article Information security & privacy Foundational

4 Tips to Prevent Fraud at Faith-Based Organizations

Religious organization leaders need to know that employees and volunteers who have access to their funds may be tempted to steal. Organizations need to implement...

Article Governance Foundational