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Process management

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Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, these resources allow you to focus on technical, business, people, leadership, and digital skills. All areas are underpinned by the need for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Log in and start learning today.

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Ethical implications of artificial intelligence

Executives must consider ethical matters related to AI and machine learning, such as algorithm bias and societal impact.

Article Process management Advanced

Benefits and risks of automating customer service

Automation is taking over customer service. What do organisations need to know to prepare?

Article Process management Advanced

The star of starling - Interview with Anne Boden, CEO Starling

This article looks at Starling Bank, a start-up digital bank.

Article Process management Advanced

Lean Accounting and Management: Saving Money by Streamlining Operations

Practical guidance on how to minimize waste and create wealth in your organization through a lean accounting and management approach that improves profitability by...

Course – Online Performance management Advanced

Joining the Dots : executive perspectives

An accompanying output to the Joining the Dots Report , these transcripts of interviews with three business leaders, provide insights to help organisations join the dots

Report Strategy Expert

The AICPA Audit Committee Toolkit: Not-For-Profit Entities 3rd Edition

This toolkit takes the guesswork out of effectively establishing and managing an audit committee by providing dozens of useful tools and the most common forms for...

Publication Governance Foundational

Process excellence

This course looks at how to better manage, improve and design processes to meet customer expectations.

Course – Online Process management Advanced

Shared service provision

This course looks at the factors affecting successful shared service implementations.

Course – Online Process management Advanced

Lean management

Lean management is a system that systematically aims to reduce waste, improve workflows and eliminate non-value-adding activities.

Tool Process management Foundational

Quality Management Tools – including TQM, Six Sigma, Cost of Quality and EFQM

Quality management involves planning and controlling activities to ensure that the product is fit for purpose, and meets design specifications and the needs of customers.

Tool Process management Expert

Improving Operations and Efficiency Course Bundle

This collection of professional development courses covers everything from how to go lean to methods to improve your processes and decision-making and boost your...

Course – Online Strategy Foundational

Shared Service Provision

In driving towards greater levels of cost efficiency and improved service provision, many organisations have turned to establishing shared service centres. But are...

Course – Online Cost management Advanced