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Negotiation & decision making

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Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, these resources allow you to focus on technical, business, people, leadership, and digital skills. All areas are underpinned by the need for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Log in and start learning today.

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UK Supreme Court’s Uber decision: Implications for gig economy companies

The legal ruling hits the technology company’s business model, and similar companies are advised to consider the judgment.

Article Negotiation & decision making Advanced

Emotional Intelligence

When more and more jobs are at risk of being automated, one thing that separates people from technology is emotional intelligence.

Video Influence Foundational

How Critical Thinking Builds Trust and Business Resilience

Key changes in the field of critical thinking for corporate governance and boards.

Audio Negotiation & decision making Foundational

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a crucial skill in the future workplace.

Video Negotiation & decision making Advanced

Unconscious Bias

The first step to removing bias, is admitting to it.

Video Negotiation & decision making Intermediate

Simplifying Complex Problems

Complex times bring complex problems. How will you solve them? Get tips from an expert.

Video Negotiation & decision making Foundational

Benefits of Self-Awareness

How to get the self-awareness you need to succeed.

Video Negotiation & decision making Foundational

Judgement and decision making

Another skill the bots haven't beat us at? Good judgement.

Video Negotiation & decision making Intermediate

Decision-making with Andrew Harding

What are the steps involved in decision-making?

Video Negotiation & decision making Intermediate

Problem solving

Problem-solving sounds hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Video Negotiation & decision making Intermediate

Decision-making in disruptive times

How do you make the hard decisions?

Video Negotiation & decision making Expert

How groupthink can damage your organization

This article discusses groupthink, its effect on decision-making, and suggestions for avoiding the practice.

Article Negotiation & decision making Foundational