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Management reporting

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Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, these resources allow you to focus on technical, business, people, leadership, and digital skills. All areas are underpinned by the need for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Log in and start learning today.

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Empowering the human element in automation

At Flint Hills Resources, robotic process automation is supercharging — not eliminating — finance professionals. This Koch Industries’ subsidiary shows us how.

Article Management reporting Advanced

Crafting the best Excel models

This article explores the four key elements to building exceptional spreadsheet structures.

Article Management reporting Foundational

Financial Modelling Introduction 3: Logical Statements and Lookups

Financial modelling is becoming an increasingly important skill in an economic environment characterised by ever more uncertainty: the ability to use Excel to predict...

Course – Online Financial analysis Intermediate

Financial Modelling Introduction 2: Absolute Cell Referencing and Formatting Tips

Financial modelling is becoming an increasingly important skill in an economic environment characterised by ever more uncertainty.

Course – Online Financial analysis Intermediate

Modernising cost management systems in emerging economies

Small and midsize companies in emerging countries must pay special attention to modernizing their cost management.

Article Management reporting Advanced

Dealing with the unknown: leading in uncertain times by rethinking the design of management accounting and reporting systems

This academic research report discusses the concept of management accounting systems acting as a maiuetic machine as an aid to good decision making

Report Management reporting Expert

Integrated Reporting

This CPE course provides you with the technical knowledge required for the CGMA exam related to strategic management accounting. It explores the development and...

Course – Online Integrated reporting Intermediate

Process excellence

This course looks at how to better manage, improve and design processes to meet customer expectations.

Course – Online Process management Advanced

Integrating risk into performance: Reporting to the board of directors

This research investigates companies’ practices in performance and risk reporting to the board of directors.

Report Management reporting Advanced

Improving decision making in organisations: Unlocking business intelligence

This report provides tools to improve accounting operations and acquire a greater competence in informed decision making.

Report Financial analysis Advanced

Management control systems in UK innovation companies

This study collected data from 78 UK based innovation companies and this report presents detailed descriptive statistics on the usage of individual controls and their...

Report Management reporting Intermediate

CIMA - Local government financial resilience (Germany, Italy and UK compared)

This report increases our understanding of local government financial resilience by presenting the results of a survey of local government financial resilience by...

Report Management reporting Intermediate