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Process, taxation & strategies

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With the increased demand for financial planners and the integrated nature of clients’ financial situations, CPAs are well positioned to address these needs in an objective and ethical manner. Based on the AICPA Competency Framework: Tax and Personal Financial Planning, these learning resources are designed to help CPA financial planners enhance their competency and understand the knowledge and skills necessary to provide specialized and integrated financial planning engagements whether in tax, estate, retirement, investments or insurance planning.

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Personal Financial Planning Process

Covers elements of the overall planning process, including gathering data, establishment of financial objectives and identification of constraints.

Course – Online Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate

Creating the Investment Policy Statement

A three-part course offering strategies applicable to investment planning that illustrates how the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) guides the planner and client...

Course – Online Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate

Investment Planning Process

Covering investing as a process and the professional environment, this two-part CPE course examines the three phases of investment planning engagements: planning,...

Course – Online Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate

Stop behavioral biases from sabotaging your clients’ long-term objectives

This article discusses some ways CPAs can help prevent their clients from making emotionally driven investing mistakes.

Article Process, taxation & strategies Foundational

How to avoid inheritance mistakes

​This article summarizes the most common mistakes made when inheriting money, as well as strategies for navigating through the fog of grief to make wise decisions.

Article Process, taxation & strategies Foundational

Reexamining tax-loss harvesting: Better results through enhanced understanding

This article looks at the practice of tax-loss harvesting which can offer the potential for significantly increased after-tax returns.

Article Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate

Reducing investment taxes in 2017

This article describes investment planning strategies for discussion with your clients looking to reduce their taxes.

Article Process, taxation & strategies Foundational

Essentials of Personal Financial Planning

Essentials of Personal Financial Planning guide is a great resource for financial planners to help their clients take a more holistic approach to their finances and...

Publication PFP process Foundational

Advising Clients During Market Uncertainty

This podcast discusses recent market events, how to advise and communicate with clients, and planning opportunities to consider.

Video Process, taxation & strategies Foundational

The Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule and its Exemptions

This white paper explores the many effects of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule on advisors and consumers.

Report Process, taxation & strategies Advanced

Income Shifting with Trusts and Partnerships

This archived webcast covers some of the issues regarding various methods of shifting income.

Webcast Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate

Top 15 Year-End Financial and Tax Planning Ideas

​Bob Keebler looks at the top 15 financial and tax planning ideas to consider with your clients, including Roth conversions and more.

Video Process, taxation & strategies Intermediate