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Accounting and Reporting for Not-For-Profit Organizations Logo aicpa

  Melisa F. Galasso, CPA, CGMA |   $125.00 - 175.00 |   CPE: 6.5 |   AICPA |   May 2020 |   Accounting (Governmental) |   AICPA Store
Do you need to enhance your not-for-profit accounting skills?
Who Will Benefit?
  • Auditors
  • Practitioners and accounting and finance professionals of not−for−profit organizations
Key Topics
  • Financial statement presentation
  • Statement of activities
  • Statement of financial position and statement of cash flow Note disclosures
  • Contribution concepts
    • Contributions vs. Exchange transactions
    • Contributed Services, facilities, and gifts in−kind
    • Collections
  • Functional expense and allocation of costs Endowments
  • Operating versus non-operating
  • Split interest agreements and beneficial trusts
    • Relationships with other entities
  • Agency transactions
    • Programmatic investments
  • Common financial statement mistakes
Learning Objectives
  • Identify major components of accounting and reporting in not-for-profit organizations
  • Recognize appropriate accounting for recording and recognizing contributions.
  • Identify concepts related to valuation of contributed services and promises received near year−end.
How will this product help you with the work on your desk?
  • This course will assist in financial statement preparation for not−for−profits.

Through a case study-intense, highly interactive, this self-study CPE course provides you with the tools necessary to go beyond the theory and create value-added services for your clients.

This course allows you to examine, evaluate and perform case studies which will enhance your working knowledge of fundamental not-for-profit accounting and reporting, presentation requirements, note disclosures unique to not-for-profits and options allowed under generally accepted accounting principles.

Please note: GASB, FASB, and the ASB are currently discussing pushing out effective dates mentioned in this course. For the latest information regarding effective dates please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) audit and accounting resources.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Financial accounting & reporting: Financial reporting & compliance, Intermediate
  • Financial accounting & reporting: Technical: FASB financial accounting & reporting, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Technical: FASB financial accounting & reporting: Financial statement presentation, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Technical: Investments: Programmatic investments, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Technical: Contribution revenue & agency transactions, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Technical: Split-interest agreements, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Technical: Functional expenses & joint costs, Intermediate