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Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Identity Theft Logo aicpa

  Robert Minniti, CPA, CFE, Cr.FA, CFF, CVA, MAFF... |   Free |   AICPA |   14 Nov 2019 |   Auditing |   AICPA Store
Key Topics
  • Identity theft statistics
  • Types of identity theft
  • Obtaining the victim's information
  • Tools used in identity theft investigations
  • Finding identifying information on the Internet
  • Investigating identity theft
  • Detecting and preventing identity theft
  • Reporting Identity theft once it has occurred
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the various means used to commit identity theft and how thieves obtain the information necessary to commit these crimes.
  • Recognize how to protect personal and professional identities from identity theft.
  • Identify how to investigate a case of identity theft, and the steps involved in such investigation.
  • Recall keys to success when teaching clients how to implement policies and procedures to protect their identities.

Protect yourself and your clients from identity theft. No one is immune from the rising tide of criminal misconduct. Instances of identity theft and data breaches are continuing to rise. Fast. Be prepared for your clients to seek your advice on this type of crime. They are clamoring for ways to detect identity theft, protect themselves and investigate instances of theft.

Join this webcast as we cover how to:

  • Protect your clients from identity theft
  • Investigate a case of identity theft
  • Report and recover from the crime

Important Information on Your CPE Credit

Topics covered:
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Fraud: Prevention & detection, Intermediate
  • IT management & assurance: Technical: Information security & privacy, Intermediate