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5 phrases established leaders should never say again Logo aicpa

  Jennifer Wilson |   Free |   AICPA |   01 Aug 2016 |   CPA Insider

This article explores phrases that frustrate and disappoint future leaders and offers alternatives.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Governmental auditing: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Financial accounting & reporting: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Assurance: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Not-for-profit: People: Communication, Foundational
  • IT management & assurance: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Firm practice management: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Tax: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Forensic & valuation services: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Fair value measurement: People: Communication, Foundational
  • Personal financial planning: People: Communication, Foundational

4 Comments/Reflections

Hong Cai

Hong Cai Aug 2019

Not only I find that I say more of the phrases, but also realize that they sound horrible!  The root cause could be the big ego. 
I've putting them down in a notebook as a reminder.  Hope there will be improvement soon enough. 
Joanne Watmore

Joanne Watmore Jan 2017

An interesting article, which served as a reminder that age doesn't necessarily mean experience.   And also that words can so easily be misinterpreted.  Rather than present barriers, give people an opportunity to develop
Tendai Nyakurimwa

Tendai Nyakurimwa Sep 2016

The article portrays a positive approach in as far as dealing with young leaders is concerned. I intend to use the tactics in my working environment so as to encourage others to be innovative and to shoulder more work. It is quite true that most young leaders want more work and I am finding it as an opportunity to groom others and delegate responsibilities to them. I have personally experienced some of the things that are said in this article. At my previous workplace one director once said it took me 10 years to be where I am, why should it take you less. It was disheartening.

The article has helped me to add some knowledge and to be alert at workplaces. I hope this will also have some positive impact on my colleagues. I hope this will encourage them to be more open and usher in a working environment that is free. This should improve the quality of our work as a department.
Lalit Bhandary

Lalit Bhandary Aug 2016

In my past 20+ years of experience I did say  whats mentioned in this article. Eventually with experience you mature and handle such issues very tactfully. 

This article nicely assembles such fine thoughts and makes me more aware, especially when old habits die hard.

Finer points like mentioned in this article at times makes a big difference.