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The role of management accounting in servitisation Logo cima

  Andrea Tenucci, Teemu Laine |   Free |   CIMA |   Oct 2016 |   Thought leadership

This academic research report expores the potential role of management accounting in servitising manufacturing companies. Evidence from two case studies demonstrates that management accounting should play a more proactive role in servitsation (i.e. offering services jointly with product) as a major strategic initiative. Although services are becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies, accounting and control functions have offered much less support in this area compared to traditional products.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Cost accounting & management: Cost accounting, Advanced

3 Comments/Reflections

Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans Sep 2018

With services increasingly becoming embedded with Tangible product offerings, this case study provides a valuable insight into the accounting of services as an 'add on' in a manufacturing organisation.
Michelle Weetman

Michelle Weetman Sep 2018

The Article Highlights the importance of monitoring service revenue and ensuring maxim value creation. 

My company often underestimates the value of additinal service , offten negaleting to charge for additional services.  contract scope creep needs to be monitored and reviewed.
Richard Straker

Richard Straker Jun 2018

Article highlights the need to monitor revenue and costs of providing the additional services. This can be a significant contribution to revenue and profit. We have spent significant time gaining the customers so it is very efficient to provide additional services to them.
In my company operations we often find ourselves providing additional services without remuneration - we need to monitor and report these additional services so we can discuss them with the customer and come to an agreement on their value. Contract scope creep is an issue we are constantly reviewing.