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Millennial talent strategy for CFOs Logo cgma

  Shilpa Pai Mizar |   Free |   AICPA and CIMA |   10 Feb 2017 |   CGMA Magazine

Leading and motivating cohesive, rightly skilled teams is more crucial now than ever before to stay ahead. As the Millennial generation of employees has come on board, they have brought new talents and new priorities. This article shares thoughts from experts about how to work with these employees for your benefit and theirs.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Governmental auditing: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Financial accounting & reporting: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Assurance: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Not-for-profit: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • IT management & assurance: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Firm practice management: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Tax: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Forensic & valuation services: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Fair value measurement: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Personal financial planning: Leadership: Team building, Advanced

4 Comments/Reflections

Dumisani Dlamini

Dumisani Dlamini Oct 2021

This article taught me how crucial it is to motivate skilled teams
Geraldine Keohane

Geraldine Keohane Nov 2019

Recruiting and retaining younger talent is something important to many roles I work in so some good thoughts in this article to take on board.
Jason Netherton-Sinclair

Jason Netherton-Sinclair Oct 2019

Thought provoking in terms of how we should be trying to retain 'millenial talent' as well as how millennial's will see their career and workplace. One to discuss with the HR Director.....
Catherine Harcombe

Catherine Harcombe Aug 2018

Presently working in a 'rural' sme attracting and retaining younger staff is an issue. Understanding what the expectation of milennials are has helped us to present a traditional job decription to reflect more current demands of younger people starting on their career path.Over the last six months we have encouraged younger staff to be empowered in their roles and to embrace new technology to imprve their roles and add value to the business. We have encouraged experimenting with facebook for marketing and encouraged tweets to be used to communicate technology advances and exhibition attendence in the company. Reading articles like this one and engaging with the imagination and aspirsations of milenials  has allowed our more traditional views of running a business and managing a career path for our staff to become more current.