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PFS credential preparation

PFP Boot Camp: Investment and Education Planning Logo aicpa

  $125.00 - 155.00 |   CPE: 5.0 |   AICPA |   Apr 2017 |   Specialized Knowledge and Applications |   AICPA Store
Who Will Benefit?
  • CPAs and PFS Credential candidates
Key Topics
  • Investment Process
  • Types of Investments
  • Risk vs. Rate of Return
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Investment and Financial Research
  • Education Funding Vehicles
Learning Objectives

This course will prepare you to do the following:

  • Describe the three phases in the investment process
  • Critique the efficient market hypothesis, and its implications for technical and fundamental analysis
  • Compare and contrast stock and bond market indices to include weightings and composition
  • Create procedures to implement dollar cost averaging
  • Formulate the relationship between a bond's par (face) value, market price, coupon rate, maturity and YTM
  • Compute your client's holding period and annual compound rate of return on an investment over a specific time frame
  • Understand education financing options and cost of education
  • Evaluate education savings plans depending on client goals
  • Comprehend asset ownership of education assets

This CPE course is a part of the Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp series.

This session explores the securities markets, sources of information, risk/return, debt and equities, stocks, bonds, options, futures and security analysis. Written by an expert author, this course will increase your basic knowledge as to how money and capital markets operate, how to conduct investment and financial research, and how to evaluate the risks and rates of return for various types of investment. The Education Planning section addresses the various topics which are part of the education planning process, including needs analysis, types of education funding vehicles, assessment of potential for financial aid, as well as personal financial planning strategies unique to the education funding process.

Topics covered:
  • Personal financial planning: Technical: Investment planning, Intermediate
  • Personal financial planning: Technical: Specialized planning issues: Education planning, Intermediate
  • Personal financial planning: PFS credential preparation