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How firms can overcome challenges and develop a diverse workforce Logo aicpa

  Ken Tysiac |   Free |   AICPA |   17 Apr 2017 |   CPA Insider

Recruiting a diverse workforce can be a challenge. This article discusses how the challenge can be overcome with a commitment to building relationships.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Governmental auditing: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Financial accounting & reporting: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Assurance: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Not-for-profit: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • IT management & assurance: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Firm practice management: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Tax: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Forensic & valuation services: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Fair value measurement: Leadership: Team building, Advanced
  • Personal financial planning: Leadership: Team building, Advanced

5 Comments/Reflections

Deborah Ross

Deborah Ross Apr 2019

Working in an already multicultural environment you would think that this topic area would be covered off by mangers and leaders quite easily. However, there is still much to do.
This article reminds us not to become complacent and to look for areas of improvement. Promotion from within and advertising vacancies internally first encourages employees to see that there is opportunity for everyone, however with a senior team that is one gender dominant it does give the impression of a glass ceiling. 
Training, personal development plans and mentoring are all tools that we are using to develop our existing resource pool to into our potential future leaders. This should ensure a more diverse Senior Team for the future, which is were our current weakness lies.
External resources are a different challenge. Our location means that the resource pool around is extremely limited and we are therefore building relations with schools and colleges to build our brand to be an employer of choice. Showing students the opportunities we have and that Engineering and Manufacturing need not be male dominated environments are key to our future growth in the area, both geographically and commercially.
Mandy Wilkinson

Mandy Wilkinson Oct 2018

The rising profile of a diverse workforce is having an effect on the workplace, it is now normal to see a mixed office of gender and race.  However it did not get that way on its own and it is only by vigilance that the status quo is maintained and there are opportunities for all.

It is not always the loudest or the person in front who has the skills required for a role and it is the skills which should be assessed. If other traits are required IE presentation skills these can be taught as part of CPD.
Phillippa Willis

Phillippa Willis Feb 2018

This was an interesting read highlighting the need for companies to aim for a more diverse workforce both from an ethnic and gender viewpoint.  This should widen perspectives and improve productivity of the business as more diverse teams perform better than homogeneous teams. To attract and maintain a more diverse employee base requires management buy-in and can involve re-thinking the normal recruitment techniques and internal development programs, for example a Women Forward Program.
Dengmei Xia

Dengmei Xia Dec 2017

Why pursue diversity? As Satterfield said, “more diverse teams perform better than homogeneous teams" . However, it is not easy to answer how to attract and keep a more diverse workforce. The article tell us the tactics, such as getting management buy-in, partnering with diversity-focused organizations, finding students who are overlooked, watching for experienced professionals and being patient.
Biraj Patel

Biraj Patel Dec 2017