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Q&A: Don’t believe these Millennial myths Logo aicpa

  Dawn Wotapka |   Free |   AICPA |   01 May 2017 |   Journal of Accountancy

Members of the millennial generation are often stereotyped as disloyal, unprofessional and tech-savvy, but the truth is far more complex. Jason Dorsey, co-founder of the Center for Generational Kinetics, debunks some of the most popular myths in this Q&A.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Employee benefit plan auditing: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Governmental auditing: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Financial accounting & reporting: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Assurance: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Not-for-profit: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • IT management & assurance: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Firm practice management: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Tax: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Fair value measurement: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate
  • Personal financial planning: Leadership: Team building, Intermediate

10 Comments/Reflections

Joely Dabson

Joely Dabson Aug 2021

This is a really interesting read and relevant as there is this misconception about Millennials and the article really highlights this.

It is important not to sterotype as not everyone will fit into that bucket and you could potentially miss out on a really good recruit just because of a myth essentially. 
Mark Clenshaw

Mark Clenshaw May 2021

Interesting article hearing someone's who views themselves as a millennial and how there are misconceptions about actions and activities.  I do hear the stereotype comments a lot so interesting to put a different perspective on it.
Robert Evans

Robert Evans Oct 2018

Interesting article highlighting the difference between generations, misconceptions and details how a one size fits all approach is becoming increasingly outdated as each generation has it's own uniqueness to bring to the table.  Using some of the points in the article to get the best out of all will no doubt pay dividends across my diverse team, embracing the differences and modifying approaches acknowledging that each generation brings a different view, experience and approach to the same situation.  The world is constantly changing and it is increasingly important to understand how those changes affect businesses and people within them.
Marta Banasik

Marta Banasik Aug 2018

I found this article really interesting in a context of the recruitment process I held lately.

What this article reminded me of is that stereotype 'Millenials' is not negative. When I think about Millenials, I shouldn't always rely on the assumptions that stereotypes give me.

I was recruiting a junior financial controller to my team and all 5 candidates I spoke to were born in early 90s.  All of them were actually into company's values, mission and vision, asked lots of questions about how companies' values are translated into controlling team. It was an interesting  experience to me, because it means that younger generation actually want to work for a company in which philosohy they can identify. 

Millenials apparently are tech-savy and the true is that most of them know where to find information, however when I asked my candidates to complete excel training the average score was around 55% and only one person actually achieved a result of 92%.

All 5 candidates asked about additional benfits my company can offer, such us private healf care, social activities and access to the gym. It only tells that those benefits are required by young professionals as well as these days that's additional cost to the employer that comes with recruiting Millenials.
Debbie Mallett

Debbie Mallett May 2018

Good article helped me understand what Millennials are, interesting to know what dates they were born, Good to understand there expectations.