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  Free |   AICPA |   Oct 2019 |   Specialized Knowledge and Applications |   AICPA Store
Who Will Benefit?
  • CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial planning.
Key Topics
  • Measuring performance and goal achievement
  • Updating the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Portfolio rebalancing
Learning Objectives
  • Select the most appropriate recommendation in an investment updating and monitoring engagement, based on a specific set of facts and circumstances.
  • Identify the nominal rate of return for a bond.
  • Calculate the required taxable equivalent yield.
  • Identify the detailed assessment of a client's assets, liabilities and net worth.
  • Recall the benefits of a tactical allocation strategy.
  • Identify types of macroeconomic indicators.

This CPE course can be purchased individually or as part of the Investment Planning Certificate Program

During the monitoring and updating phase of the investment planning engagement, performance is measured, goal achievements are monitored, and actions and recommendations are updated. More complex than the implementation phase, the monitoring and updating phase has an increased number of variables that must be calculated, validated and tracked.

Updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, this two-part course examines:

  • Measuring performance and goal achievement
  • Updating the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Portfolio rebalancing

This course also reviews the AICPA personal financial planning standard, which states a personal financial planner may be engaged in tracking progress in achieving established PFP goals or revising an existing personal financial plan, or both. We will also look at the passage of time, which affects all areas of an IPS. Therefore, goals that were once necessary may be eliminated and new goals documented, based on an agreement with the client.

Enhanced On-Demand Format

This enhanced on-demand format offers meaningful and relevant content in the form of tables, charts, and discussion points on slides. An instructor who is an expert on the topical area breaks down complex topics, offers best practices, provides clarity, and shares insights that help the learner achieve the learning objectives for the course.

Topics covered:
  • Tax: Technical: Individual income taxation : Specialized issues, Intermediate
  • Personal financial planning: Technical: Investment planning, Intermediate