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  Kevan Hall & Allan Hall |   Free |   Seven |   Oct 2017 |   FM magazine

As organisations become more complex so people spend more time in meetings. The danger is that too much time is wasted. Research suggests that 10-20% of participants may need not to be there and agendas are not properly thought through. There needs to be a full examination of the purpose, outcomes and value created from the process.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Advanced

8 Comments/Reflections

Alison Smith

Alison Smith Nov 2018

This was so very true of our meetings and the lack of focus.  Will try to apply the simple rules to the next sales meeting.  Get participants to stick to Agenda and have clear outcomes expected and action points to achieve this before meeting adjourns
David Sandeman

David Sandeman Sep 2018

Somewhat obvious , does not really go into how to avoid meetings !
Catherine Harcombe

Catherine Harcombe Aug 2018

This article has helped us as a company focus on changing the meeting culture of the company . We are an SME so all of our staff work at the same site. We now have micro meetings which last no more than 20 mins and the minuites are taken on a laptop at the meeting and circulated immediatley on completion of the meeting. The only people at the meeting are those directly involved in the topic , but the circulation of mins gors to all senior manager and other indirectly invloved staff on completion of the meeting. We can have three or four meetings in a morning and cover and reslove a number of issues and time keeping and attendance of meetings have improved.
Lara Chedgy

Lara Chedgy Aug 2018

This article highlights that productivity can be improved by killing bad meetings. It states that 10% - 20% of participants shouldn't be there and therefore teaches you to analyse the purpose of the meeting along with the attendees.

Most people know how a meeting should be run. That there should be an agenda and that the following for key
Christian Jennings

Christian Jennings Jun 2018

We all know how to make a meeting efficient, we just need to be more disciplined in implementing the key drivers (Objectives / Meeting Rules / Attendees / Agenda)