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Guide to Audit Data Analytics Logo aicpa

  Free |   AICPA |   Nov 2017 |   AICPA Store
Step-by-step guidance from the experts
Who Will Benefit?
  • Auditors performing and reporting on their audit engagements
  • Auditors and those interested in learning more about ADAs and how to apply them to their financial statement audits
Key Topics
  • Introduction to using ADAs throughout the financial statement audit
  • Illustrative examples of how to use an ADA in each phase of the audit (risk assessment, a test of details, substantive analytical procedures and forming an overall conclusion)
  • Additional considerations for assessing the reliability of data

Think of audit data analytics (ADAs) as "the science and art of discovering and analyzing patterns; identifying anomalies; and extracting other useful information in data underlying or related to the subject matter of an audit through analysis, modeling, and visualization."

Simply put, you can use ADAs to perform a variety of procedures to gather audit evidence in your next financial statement audit.

ADAs put into practice

Each chapter of the guide focuses on an audit area and includes step-by-step guidance illustrating how ADAs can be used throughout the financial statement audit.

Suggested considerations for assessing the reliability of data are also included in a separate appendix.

Get this guide for free.

Guide to Audit Data Analytics is included when you purchase the Analytical Procedures: Audit Guide.

Together, they show how analytics techniques can be applied to the audit while staying within the current auditing standards.

Topics covered:
  • Assurance: Technical: Audit: Data analytics, Intermediate
  • Management accounting: Digital skills: Data analytics, Intermediate