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Anticipate Development: Moving from Employee to Manager to Leader Logo aicpa

  Karl Ahlrichs |   Free |   Business Learning Institute |   22 Jan 2019 |   Personal Development |   AICPA Store
In Partnership with Business Learning Institute (BLI)
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the new roles of Manager and Leader from a beginning point of employee.
  • Understand how to set SMART goals and communicate them up and down the organizational chain.
  • Recall the elements of leader credibility.
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful techniques used for motivating people.
  • Identify challenging factors when managing friends.

First-time supervisors face unique challenges as they transition to management. They must supervise work with which they may be unfamiliar, and supervise employees with whom they had previously been co-workers or employees with greater seniority. They must understand the extent of responsibility and decision-making authority they have, finde ways to communicate expectations to their employees and make possibly unpopular decisions. Excellence in technical or financial skills does not automatically translate to excellence in leading and supervising others.

This one-hour webcast will give new supervisors, managers and leaders the skills and understanding needed to successfully navigate the transition into management.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Driving performance, Foundational