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  $599.00 - 879.00 |   CPE: 43.0 |   AICPA |   Feb 2018 |   Accounting |   AICPA Store
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Key Topics
  • Bankruptcy
  • Role of technology in forensic accounting engagements
  • Gathering evidence and data recovery
  • Measuring and calculating business damages
  • Lost earnings and fringe benefits
  • Patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Forensic accountants' roles in mergers and acquisitions
  • Consideration of fraud at the entity level
  • Detecting and investigating fraud
  • Role of Forensic Accountants in Family Law
Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between the distinct types of bankruptcies.
  • Determine the applicability of specific laws and deadlines set by the bankruptcy court and the IRS, including recent developments related thereto.
  • Recall and apply key procedures to acquire and protect data while ensuring its integrity before beginning the analysis process.
  • Identify the contexts and types of matters where business damages arise.
  • Identify and apply the jurisdictional standards and guiding principles applicable to calculating damages involving individuals.
  • Identify the issues and pitfalls associated with the infringement of copyrights and trademarks or the misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Apply guidelines for calculating commonly used remedies of damages associated with each type of intellectual property.
  • Identify examples of patents and laws governing patents.
  • Differentiate between a merger and an acquisition and the various structuring options in each.
  • Analyze the risks associated with fraud and its economic impact to an organization.
  • Compare the different roles of a forensic accountant in family law cases.
  • Identify methods for asset valuation and recognize their importance in a divorce case.

Because each forensic accounting engagement is unique with its facts and objectives, the forensic accountant needs to use appropriate specialized forensic knowledge, tools and procedures during the engagement. A basic knowledge of each area is helpful. However, no one practitioner would be expected to know them all, but rather would seek expert assistance where necessary. Through narration by industry subject matter experts and application exercises, this certificate program covers unique areas of a forensic engagement including bankruptcy, business/individual/intellectual property damages, mergers and acquisitions, family law, divorce and more.

Composed of required education and the respective Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential’s Specialized Forensics Knowledge exam, this certificate program was developed to assist you in customizing your professional development goals in one of the following ways:

Acquiring new skills and earning a certificate in a growing practice area

Learn new skills, enhance your existing competency or take a deep dive into this growing practice area. You’ll gain new comprehension that will allow you to demonstrate your proficiency and stand out among your peers. Earn the certificate by completing the required learning and passing the Specialized Forensics Knowledge exam. Once you complete the Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate, if you haven’t already done so, consider earning the Core Forensic Accounting Certificate.

Beginning the pathway to completing the CFF Credential

Use the certificate program as a more flexible way to earn your CFF Credential. The Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate program covers topics found in the Content Specification Outline (CSO) for the Specialized Forensic Knowledge exam section of the CFF Credential exam. Completion of the education and passing the exam as well as completing the Core Forensic Accounting Certificate program will fulfill the education and exam requirements needed to earn the CFF credential*. The flexibility in earning both of these certificates saves you approximately 20 CPE hours versus having to earn 75 CPE credits if you opt to not utilize these programs.

*Earning both the Core & Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificates does not indicate you are certified in financial forensics. You must still meet the 1,000-hour experience and other credential requirements to earn your CFF credential. To learn more about CFF Credential including the requirements, the application process, and how to maintain the credential visit

Interested in purchasing the Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate and Core Forensic Accounting Certificate? Click the button below to automatically add everything to your cart.

Earning CPE credits to maintain your existing CFF Credential

Existing CFF Credential holders can use the education to earn CPE credits needed to maintain the credential. You can customize your learning experience by either purchasing the education only bundle or any of the individual course modules listed below.

The online education will be available in your account for one year from the date you purchase it. The Specialized Forensic Knowledge exam is online and proctored remotely via webcam and audio (either laptop or USB external) anytime 7 days a week throughout the year. Within 10 business days from the purchase date, you will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) and have the flexibility to schedule the exam at your convenience. Your NTS will be valid for one year from the date you receive it.

Upon successfully completing the learning and passing the exam, your certificate will be awarded in the form of a digital badge to be proudly displayed anywhere on the web—a personal blog, a social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Mozilla Open Badges, a biographical page on a company website, or an online resume. For more information digital badges, visit Digital Badges.

Topics covered:
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Valuation analysis: Valuation approaches, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Fraud, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Damage calculations, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Family law, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Bankruptcy, insolvency & reorganization, Intermediate
  • Forensic & valuation services: Technical: Mergers & acquisitions, Intermediate


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