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Going on leave doesn’t always mean disconnecting Logo cgma

  James Hester |   Free |   Jun 2018 |   FM magazine

Surveys indicate that employees are taking work with them on holiday and are turning up for work when they are sick. It appears to be related to company culture and the technologies that allow remote access to data. The article discusses the stress and threat to health and at the efforts by both companies and governments to curb this practice with organisations.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Motivating & inspiring, Advanced

3 Comments/Reflections

Gabriella Straughan

Gabriella Straughan Dec 2018

I have always had a manager who would persevere and take minimal time off whether it was after an operation, family bereavement or any kind of reason for absenteeism.

Therefore I have always felt it would be frowned upon to take time off for anything though it is also  in my nature that I would always do my upmost to minimise time away from the office.

However this year I do feel that sometimes time away to recover from injury / sickness is important as otherwise it can prolonge it and make you counter productive and exhausted.

Modern technology does allow you to check in and keep on top of emails, which I still believe is not necessary a bad thing, as you can go back after the holiday and slot back into your role withouth feeling that you have missed two weeks worth of action.

I still believe it is very difficult to find the correct work / life balance and looking to find more advice on this.
Alexander Rankin

Alexander Rankin Nov 2018

Although I routinely check emails whilst on vacation (generally end of day before dinner to limit any family impact), I increasingly defer replying until my return to the office unless the matter is urgent and significant
Dina Sekeyeva

Dina Sekeyeva Oct 2018

This article is about the old issue  - work and life balance to be on the right balance. Progressing up the carrier path is always sacrifice - either family or friends, or your personal time.

Average employer will always appreciate employees being present whether they are ill or sound. Thus if the example is set by the highest top, it will be firmly followed.
In Asia,  for example the only valued reason to be off the important job is to be dead.

Presenteeism and leaveism are quite funny words to express that imbalance, that exists in people minds.
I firmly believe that the must be time to relax fully, and to concentrate on serious work issues.

If you don't rest properly you would not be able to commit yourself fully when is required. Having huge imbalance towards more work will significantly reduce quality of life, shift priorities, male people unhappy, and while they don't recognize it, it truly is as we see as that statistically absenteeism is also increasing.

But again it is only my opinion, and may vary from what other people ( and usually in majority) believe.