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The bottom-line benefits of clear writing Logo cgma

  John Sturtevant |   Free |   01 Oct 2018 |   FM magazine

As technologies develop the finance professional relies more on the soft skills of interpretation and communication of information rather than the accuracy of the numbers. The ability to see through the complex data and synthesise relevant information is what creates value. This article identifies the key elements in good communication and how these skills can be improved.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: People: Communication, Advanced

2 Comments/Reflections

Chen Bin

Chen Bin May 2019

know your reader and know your goals of writing is very very important.
Harshit Amar

Harshit Amar Oct 2018

The article presents several questions one must ask oneself while presenting any form of information to your colleagues/boss. It highlights that in this day where analysing data is becoming easier and more efficient with technology doing its work, the key set of skills are to be able to present the data to people. 

In order to present data to people we must ask ourselves some questions, which involve:

1. The purpose - The purpose of writing your report should not be lost. If you remember your key purpose, it would be easier to link all your supporting arguments to the key point you are trying to describe. 

2. The audience - One must also keep in mind towards the audience they are writing to and what want out of the article. For example, if a financial decision needs to be communicated to a person, not from a financial background, certain terms must be explained before communicating a point.

3. What do I want them to know - It is also important to find the core message you wish to communicate and present it in the most precise and simplest manner possible. Your report/communication should be easy enough to be understood but precise enough not to muss anythung out.