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Digital skills

Data Visualization Certificate - Module 1: Chart and Graph Selection Logo aicpa

  Free |   AICPA |   07 Feb 2019 |   Specialized Knowledge and Applications |   AICPA Store
Who Will Benefit?
  • Accounting and finance professionals, especially those interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organizations' make informed, data-driven business decisions.
Key Topics
  • Communicating insights from data
  • Making decisions from data
  • Ways to visualize data
  • Design principles for visualizing data
  • Setting up business intelligence in organizations
  • Components of BI platforms
  • How underlying data architecture affects reporting and predictive analytics techniques
Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between commonly used graph and chart types
  • Identify when to use certain graphs and charts

This FREE offer is the 1st of 9 modules that make up the Data Visualization Certificate.

In this module you will learn to differentiate between categorial, continuous, time series, bivariate, and distribution graphs/charts, and identify when to use them.

Note: CPE credit for this course will be applied towards the completion of the entire Data Visualization Certificate if purchased within a year.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Digital skills: Data visualisation, Foundational