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  Lindsay Stevenson, Bill Reeb |   Free |   15 Nov 2018 |   09:33 min |

You have unique abilities. Good leadership means optimizing our time, focusing on our unique abilities and delegating the rest.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Driving performance, Expert

4 Comments/Reflections

Ahamed  Shibly Mohamed  Farook

Ahamed Shibly Mohamed Farook Oct 2021

Great Practical video. Very relevant to my current work, delegation plan and time Management
Robert Smith

Robert Smith Mar 2020

Learning how to delegate successfully is one of the most important leadership skills and this video highlights the need to: -

  • Manage and analyse how you use your time so that you concentrate on value; and,
  • Surround yourself with good people who are developed and trained to do tasks that you can delegate to them.
A good video but the interviewed needs to calm down a bit.

What competence did I develop?
Delegation skills.

What can you do now that I couldn't do before?
Probably be more ruthless in my own time management.

Did I meet my objectives?

What will be the wider impact on my team, organisation and career?
I will continue to be a good delegator and trust the people in my team and the wider organisation. I will surround myself with more capable people.
Steven Gleaves

Steven Gleaves Mar 2020

Very informative on Human Intelligence Lead and let go leadership/
Geoffrey Bush

Geoffrey Bush Nov 2019

As hoped, I gained a welcome refresher on some techniques of delegation. Some of the difficulties highlighted in the video definitely apply to me and m organisation, but as a result of seeing the video I have a better way to approach delegation generally. That should be a time-saver and efficiency-gainer for me and my company.