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Advancing Food Safety With Blockchain: How Walmart Is Leading the Way Logo aicpa

  Free |   AICPA |   10 Jan 2020 |   Computer Science |   AICPA Store
Key Topics
  • Brief overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology.
  • How blockchain is directly contributing to advancing food safety.
  • The net impact of this transformative change throughout the supply chain.
  • Current examples of blockchain usage in global food supply chain.
  • Challenges and issues with use of blockchain technology for global food supply chain; privacy, governance, regulation and integration.
  • Future plans and how this will affect the global economy.
  • How to keep up on changes in global food supply chain.
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how blockchain is contributing to advancing food safety.
  • Recall the net impact of this transformative technology on the global supply chain.
  • Recall current examples of blockchain technology, the challenges and issues that arise and how it will affect the global economy.

Gain a real-world understanding of how blockchain is impacting the global food supply chain by increasing end-to-end traceability, auditability and transparency of provenance. When food says organic, does it really mean organic? As a consumer, how can we know for sure? Learn more about how Walmart is leading the way to advancing food safety by using blockchain: building trust and ensuring that our food supply is traceable and safe.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Technical: Accounting information systems: Accounting information systems and digital technologies, Foundational