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Managing cross-cultural diversity in finance Logo cgma

  Jean-Philippe Gauvrit |   Free |   Aug 2020 |   FM magazine

Bridging cultural gaps is an important part of finance’s role. A former Nokia regional CFO offers tips on how.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Business: Strategy, Advanced
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Team building, Advanced

1 Comments/Reflections

Toh Goh

Toh Goh Jan 2021

From a personal experience , even though a person speaks and understands a few languages, the exposure to the mother tongue and the country of residence makes a lot of difference.

On many occasions, a person from a different office and different culture can mis-construe the meaning from reading an email or speaking on a phone.

Interpreting messages the wrong way more often can cause harm than good.

The way to tackle this is to be more understanding, trying to get closer to the 'other side', lend an ear more often and open suggestions to the floor when one is not sure.

Time heals and remedies a time is a cure.

In the modern world even with the advancement of IT, we can never assume that everyone is at the same 'wave length'.