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3 morning habits that help achieve strategic impact Logo cgma

  Luke O'Neill |   Free |   Oct 2020 |   FM magazine

Finance leaders share morning habits and routines that help them achieve strategic impact throughout the rest of the day, week, month, and quarter.

Topics covered:
  • Management accounting: Business: Strategy, Intermediate
  • Management accounting: Leadership: Driving performance, Advanced

5 Comments/Reflections

Gianni Platia

Gianni Platia Feb 2022

An interesting read!
Many of us struggle with the best way to start our working day, ensuring that we are energized & focused to tackle the tasks ahead.
Jumping straight into our inbox may seem like the most efficient thing to do but not always productive.
Developing a morning routine is key to having a productive day.  Whether that be exercise, meditation, quiet time to reflect & plan or a combination of all.
Everyone will find a specific routine that works best for them. The key is to follow your plan until it becomes a habit.  
Rauhath Hussain

Rauhath Hussain Feb 2022

An interesting article on how different professionals set their day up.
Key takeaway is the importance of exercise and meditation to focus on prioritising the day ahead.
Grant Franks

Grant Franks Nov 2021

This is an interesting article on how different professionals set their day up. Key takeaway is to make time for exercise before work which allows you time to focus on prioritising the day ahead.
Jason McIntyre

Jason McIntyre Mar 2021

Morning routine is key to my working day.

Exercise before work energises and provides services me time for reflection before the working day begins allowing the day to start with purpose.!
Zia Rezvi

Zia Rezvi Feb 2021

I agree that the following 3 areas are critical for any morning routine:

Physical excercice
Mind stimulation
Time acknowledment